October 07,2022

Why should the textile industry be interested in ERP

Over the last decade a huge technological boom has taken place, so it is quite natural that it has been reflected in the textile industry as well. The industry has been incorporating cutting edge technology into its various production phases like stitching, quality control and marketing. Being an industry where strong business and stiff competition takes place, proper maintenance and flawless functionality is the key to success. This is where ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software comes into play.

Investing in a manufacturing ERP software, preferably an Odoo ERP helps you maximise profits as the program helps you with:

Quality control

Quality control is a very important process that has to be undertaken in every step of the manufacturing process, especially in the textile industry. The raw materials should be of the necessary quality, the dying and stitches must be perfect, the finished goods must be checked for damages and so on. An ERP software has the option to check all these parameter and only if they are met will it be approved as a finished product. It can even be used to tabulate the number of damaged products produced and even the number of products that were returned, thus helping you streamline your business.

Human Resource Management

Like any human resource intensive industry textile industry requires efficient man management. The HRM feature in the ERP software built specifically for this very purpose.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a process that includes both the sales and HR teams. While the CRM feature helps in managing customer queries and complaints, the POS feature speeds up the billings, improves the in shop customer experience and creates a detailed customer database.

Reports and Invoice creation and management

By integrating various features within the ERP accounting systems, one can easily create reports based on production, sales, market share, quarterly returns etc. The automatically generated shipping and sales invoices reduce the time and human labour involved in the process.

Scalability, Remote Accessibility and Security

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business owner, ERP software is one size fits all. It grows with your business by adding features and modules.

You can only say that your automated business is useful if you can control it from any part of the world. AnERP system won’t let geological barriers hinder you from controlling and overlooking your business. Login to your account and its office time wherever you are, but this in no way compromises security. Every single byte of information is secured from unauthorised access and the whole operation is run the access control feature of the ERP software.

Zsuite , an Odoo ERP software developed by Zinfog is one of the best and simple ERP systems that can be used in textile industry.






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