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POS is Point Of Sale system. IT is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations. It is the place where your customer executes the payment for goods or services bought from your company.

In the retail business, a good point of sale system is one of your bigest assets. If it works as advertized, it’ll be a lot like having your own team of experts working behind the scenes, making sure everything’s moving along quickly and efficiently. To remain on top in today’s highly competitive retail landscape, you need a POS system to help you run your business the right way.

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Product Interface

1. POS Interface
Speed up the checkout process – Scan it and bag it. Every item with a barcode can be easily scanned and tagged.
Parallel orders – Put orders aside and process multiple orders at the same time.
Blazing fast search – Quickly find your customers and products with the built-in search features.
No need to dig through receipts – You can search for any transaction you want by using the search tool, regardless of how old the transaction is.

2. Product Management
Product categories – Organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by popularity and display different categories in different point of sales.
Product Search – Quickly find products by their name, barcode, or description with the built-in search function.
Units of measure – Sell your products with custom or preset units of measure and update your stock accordingly.
Multiple barcodes – Configure multiple barcodes for the same product with barcode nomenclatures.
Product variants – Sell different sizes, colors, or configurations of the same product with product variants.
Large product count – Odoo's Point of Sale system is capable of performing at a scale of over 100,000 products.

3. Customer management
Successfully manage all your contacts – customers, vendors and partners.
Get a quick overview of every business interaction – See the complete history of each customer, vendor including the total invoiced and overdue.

4. Integrated Inventory management
Speed up Inventory management – With a built-in inventory and barcode scanning system you won’t have to rifle through many options when ringing up a sale. It’s automatically deducted from your current inventory, so you won’t have to manually do it.
Real-time inventory tracking – With real-time inventory tracking and management, the system will alert you when you’re running low, complete PO’s and track your vendors.

Customer Management

Inventory Dashboard
Accounting Dashboard

5. Integrated Purchase Management
Launch request for quotations, track purchase orders, check supplier’s information, control product receivals and manage supplier invoices

6. Integrated Accounting Support
Invoicing – Create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments.
Manage Bills & Expenses – Control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.
VAT Reports – VAT Report exclusively for UAE.

7. Restaurant Management
Floor plans – Assign orders to tables and receive an overview of your restaurant's floors as well as make changes on the go with the graphical editor.
Manage seating – Keep track of your guests with an overview of your restaurant's capacity and table availability.
Kitchen printing – Send the order instructions to the bar and kitchen printers. Instructions can be sent to different printers automatically based on the product category.
Delayed orders – Take orders for different courses of the meal at once with the ability to send them to the kitchen printer at separate times.
Kitchen order notes – Add notes for customer's preferences, allergies, or special requests and send them to the kitchen or bar printers.
Split bills – Let customers pay separately or at different times by splitting orders.

Restaurant Table Management

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