October 07,2022

Why Should Temples Prefer ERP Solutions?

There is no place in India like temples where there is a constant flow of people and money. So just like any place where there is a crowd and economic transactions, temples too should be effectively managed. The growing number of devotees expect fast and efficient means to conduct and book the various poojas and prayers. They demand transparency when it comes to temple accounts and various other contributions. This is were temple ERP solutions come into play. They make temple operations both devotee and temple management friendly.

The key features of an efficient temple ERP software are:

  • Pooja Booking

    The devotees must be able to book various poojas and prayers remotely. This portal must also have an integrated payment gateway and receipt generator to increase the transparency.

    The same portal gives the temple administrator real time and end of the day reports and generates various invoices.

  • POS

    A POS (Point Of Sale) terminals ensures secure fast and efficient pooja bookings when in temple premises. These terminals can further be integrated with hand held devices to further increase flexibility.

  • HRM

    HRM (Human Resource Management) helps the temple administrator in employee management, access control and time management.

  • CRM

    CRM is a module that deals with devotee satisfaction. It helps the devotees plan/customise their temple visits and also provides them with a portal to leave suggestions or at times complaints.

  • Flexibility

    The ERP solution must run on every major platform like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Ios.


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