November 30,2022

Work Life Balance - Exploring the beauty of Wayanad

What is work-life balance?

Work life balance refers to the balance between work life and personal life where events of both don't take a toll on the life at work as well as personal. Having a work life balance is important in personal and professional growth of a person.

The team were counting days for the annual trip hosted by the firm. Every year, Zinfog codelabs organise a picnic to an alluring place where the team can take a day off from work and help in creating a healthy work life balance. The comforting work culture always helps the team build their chemistry. This year, we decided to leap into the cold mist of Wayanad for a staycation filled with adventure, fun and games. 

The tales of the journey: We started our journey on November 8th from Government Cyber Park at 9am. Everyone had their thrilled faces and were extremely happy about the journey. It was a long 3 hour bus journey through the wavy hair pins of Thamarassery. The closer we entered into the district of Wayanad, we could feel the gracefulness of the place. We sang songs and grooved steps to the music making bus, a place of vibe.

The beautiful place we stayed: We reached the beautiful place filled with green; Wayanad at 1pm. We booked our resort at Chooralmala and their staff came to pick us up. It was a kilometre off road drive to the resort that stimulated the fun elements of everyone in the picnic. We stayed at Chateau Woods Resort, a beautifully crafted place in the middle of greenery and natural beauty giving an elegant sight from any corner of the resort. 



Meals that filled our heart: The resort had amazing cuisine throughout our stay starting with welcome drinks. For lunch, We had amazing Chinese cuisine filled with Fried rice and a variety of chicken items. Mornings were served with both American and Indian breakfast. At night, They had arranged the setup for us to have a cosy barbeque night and have fun alongside. 

Games and moments: To bring out the child in us and cherish memories, we decided to play games like musical chairs, water polo in the swimming pool, bursting balloons etc. The beautiful night ended with a campfire, music and amazing stories shared by everyone. It brought us closer and deeper to each other. 


Hiking and Adventure: The next morning, everyone was fresh and up to explore the gorgeous ghats of Wayanad. We decided to take an adventurous hike through the tea plantation to the top of Attamala for an alluring view. The hike was tiring but everyone tuned to it and felt it was worth the hike while viewing the astonishing view from the top. 


The fun filled picnic came to an end as we bid our goodbyes to the resort that provided justice when it comes to hospitality. The picnic was poured with memories for people to cherish forever in their lives. The journey took a toll on building a good and healthy work life balance among the employees. The team found the trip like a golden moment and the events were recorded as a video. Later, the video went live on instagram. We reached back at Cyberpark at 6pm on November 9th. Hardest goodbyes were shook among employees. Everyone is at peace and eagerly waiting for another annual trip. 

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