November 23,2022

Work Life Balance Explained in IT Sector

What is work-life balance?


Work life balance refers to the balance between work life and personal life where events of both don't take a toll on the life at work as well as personal. Having a work life balance is important in personal and professional growth of a person.

Effective ways of providing work life balance

Zinfog codelabs can be tagged under the companies with best work life balance as the company organised an annual picnic to Wayanad for the employees to relieve them from their work and deadlines. 


Healthy work life balance is important which will boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees


1. Providing adequate work: Providing work that can be met before the deadline is necessary to relieve the employees from the work life stress which will simultaneously make a good work life balance. 


2. Mid break games: The story of google of giving mid break mind relaxing party games is pretty famous. A healthy work culture will efficiently affect the work life balance. At Zinfog codelabs, we organise fun and entertaining games during breaks or weekends to boost the healthy work culture reminder within the employees. 


3. Embracing the work environment: It is necessary for employees to know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy work environment. For this, A team lunch to bring the feel of belongingness among the team will be appreciated. Along with that, Bringing a friendly culture among the directors and the subordinates. As we provide importance to a good work life balance for our employees, We organised a picnic with the team to Wayanad.


4. Annual trips: Organising annual trips for the team of your business will build the chemistry between the management and the employees. It will also build a soothing feel within themselves helping them work in a more productive manner.



A Tour to take a day off from the work stress


At Zinfog codelabs, we announced an annual trip to Wayanad for a staycation and exploring the hill side. The employees were as excited as the directors of the company. We started the journey on 8th of november from Government cyber park Calicut to witness the mist of Wayanad. 



Resort: After a long 3 hour journey, we reached our beautiful resort which was filled with the gracefulness of Wayanad. We started exploring the gorgeous place and in the evening, We played funny childhood games, swam around the swimming pool. At night, when the time was the most beautiful, we set camp fire, shared tales from life and danced around a little.





Hiking and exploring: In the early morning, we hiked all the way up to a viewpoint called Attamala. It was adventurous and joyful. The sunrise shared together actually made the chemistry better within the employees as they felt like a family.

Food culture and work life balance: The food culture can actually boost a healthy work life balance ambience. We had a barbeque night on the first day where the team enjoyed the feast made by. The hospitality of the resort was at the peak when it comes to cleanliness, service and the food. 

We are having career opportunities as we are in the process of expanding the team. If you think you are right to build the bricks for Zinfog Codelabs, you can send your resume at [email protected]  for the job roles available. You will want to come to work even on Mondays while belonging to Zinfog. 





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