September 30,2022

Which one is the best to view a Website on mobile? Adaptive or Responsive?


With the arrival of smartphones and tablets people no longer need a computer to view a website. In a single click one can view a website with the help of a smartphone. This is a boon as well as a bane for the Web designing and development companies. Boon as the number of viewers to a website increases and a bane since the web designing companies have to focus more on the mobile viewing of their website. A website that is easy to view in a mobile will attract more users. Responsive and Adaptive web design helps you view a website easily on phone. Let’s see the advantages of both the designs and the web design services they provide.

Responsive Design

Whether you view a website from a smartphone or a laptop, a responsive web design gives you the optimal viewing experience of a website. By using fluid grids the same layout is attained for any screen sizes. This enables easy reading and navigation.

Adaptive Design

Adaptive designs provides various layouts for multiple screen sizes. In short there will be distinct layout for mobile phones, computers and tablets. When a user views the website, these designs wait in standby and detects the type of device to provide the required layout.


Responsive designs are harder to create as it must fit to any possible size of screen.

Adaptive designs are less flexible as they can work only on those screens as its layouts are able to. So if a new device with a new screen size is released, a responsive design will guarantee to work properly while the adaptive design will fail to do so.

Responsive designs load faster as they have to load only one design which works for any screen size. While adaptive designs takes time as the extra layouts take more time to load.

Both Responsive and Adaptive Web Designs have their own merits and demerits. Adaptive websites are easier to create and are preferable for some sites. Responsive web design on the other hand is a safe option as it works well regardless of the screen size.           






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