October 07,2022

Top 5 ERP Softwares

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ERP is a collection of integrated applications that stores, collects, manages and interprets data from various branches of your business. It works in real time and delivers economic and functional transparency, thereby increasing the efficiency and profits.

The Top Five


Microsoft Dynamic 365



It is a cloud based business solution software released in 2016. Being a Microsoft product, it has the powerful backing of the tech giant, it can easily be integrated with the vast number of Microsoft products. The lack of flexibility and steep pricing are the trademarks of a proprietary software, Dynamic 365 is no different in this aspect.

  • Can work remotely.
  • Delivers regular and automatic updatesand data migration is not an issue.
  • Data loss prevention is inbuilt.
  • Can’t work offline.
  • It is not very flexible.
  • It is not compatible with linux.






SAP is the most popular ERP software in the market right now, and rightfully so.

  • Very flexible.
  • Rich in features. SAP was one of the earliest ERP systems that was really feature rich and this gained them a lot of popularity.
  • It is highly costly.
  • It is very complex.
  • Written in C,C++ and ABAP.






Z-suite is based on the open source Odoo ERP platform. It is a Zinfog Codelabs product. Being a modular software with thousands of application, it is very flexible and convenient

  • Highly flexible.
  • Modular.
  • Uses Python.
  • User friendly.Due to its very simple user interface and seamless navigation between applications, even novices can operate the software.
  • The modular and scalable design ensures space for future growth.
  • Cost effective. Being modular, the client can select the applications needed and they only have to pay for those.
  • There is no automatic data migration during updates.



SAGE 300



SAGE 300 is an ERP software developed by Sage group using Microsoft SQL. Being a Windows based product, Linux users might have to skip out on this one.

  • The stable backend software supports third party plugins, which make it highly flexible.
  • Great customer service.
  • Accounting module is really simple.
  • Expensive.
  • Complex.



NetSuite ERP



It is a highly scalable ERP solution developed by NetSuite Inc (later acquired by Oracle). It provides cloud based business solution services.

  • Full visibility of the supply chain.
  • Automated data input. This streamlines the workflow and reduces errors in billings and quotations.
  • Cloud based. This makes sure that the hardware limitations do not adversely affect workflow very much.
  • Customizable but limited. You can’t turn off certain native reports.
  • Not cost effectivefor small businesses.

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