March 30,2023

The Odoo ERP 16: Latest Version of Odoo

The Odoo ERP 16: Latest Version of Odoo

Odoo has released Odoo 16 which is the latest version of its ERP software. Odoo claims it is the fastest, best-looking, most intuitive version of the software it has ever created. Odoo aims to improve its latest features as well as create new features in response to client requests.

The aim of Odoo was to give your organisation a brand new knowledge app that allows you to manage, collaborate and share knowledge with your team. Furthermore, the dashboard has been restructured and reports have been converted to spreadsheets.

Keeping it simple and elegant, let's dig deeper into Odoo ERP 16 development.

1. Major features of Odoo ERP 16

Odoo's new features in the 16 release are all about helping you to run your business better. The new features are designed to help you make better business decisions, as well as to help you work more efficiently so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. Here are some of the general features of Odoo 16

odoo ERP development

1.1) Performance: Performance is the primary feature they prioritise to increase performance. Each page in the backend loads and renders 3.7 times faster than before. Improved load controller performance by 2.7 times for websites and eCommerce.

1.2) Custom Field Properties: You can create custom field properties on your tickets, leads, tasks, and articles.

1.3) Accounting: The major features from the account side are the analytics of accounts, usability and navigation, account reports, accounting menu, assets module and many more.  In short! By using the accounting modules, you will be able to digitise your entire accounting system for easy management and access to your accounts.

1.4) Knowledge: Odoo ERP 16's Knowledge app allows you to share, collaborate, and manage knowledge about your organisation with your employees and customers. As part of the knowledge app you can share and create articles related to your company's work culture, allowing for amazing communication within your firm.

1.5) Website Module: You can now customise elements of the website with the Odoo 16 Website module. It used to be that the front end of a module and the back end of it were separated. The new version, on the other hand, merges both the front end and the back end to preserve a unified interface that allows the website to be customised more easily.

1.6) Marketing Module: An improved email marketing system has been implemented. By using the Email Marketing module, you can create a new mailing by starting from the one you previously saved. As a user, you can change all of the attributes of the mail at once by changing the Global attribute. Filters can be saved for future use and can be reloaded at any time to be used on future mailings. A new contact can be added and an email can be added for easier access. Odoo 16's latest email marketing version, along with new features, will provide the best email marketing experience. Additionally, you can use the dashboard in the social marketing module to retweet and quote the tweet in the social media section.

Odoo ERP development

Some of these features are general and interesting in Odoo 16, and there are some more that are more useful to you and your business. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more about what Odoo 16 can do for you in relation to meeting your business needs. We are here to help you!

2. How is Odoo ERP 16 different from the previous version of Odoo ERP?

In terms of comparing Odoo 15 and 16, it's not that simple and easy at all. It is worth noting that each version has hundreds of features that you can take advantage of. In light of this, Will only mention some of the major features that both versions provide.

Odoo ERP development

Odoo 15

  • The ability to mark products and options as favourites and filter them according to them.
  • Include the customer's signature on the sale order when creating an item as a gift card.
  • It is possible to add and manage ribbons to a product.
  • In Odoo POS, it is now possible to configure ships later.
  • An easy-to-use widget for filtering weeks and days.
  • To make things easier, there is a profiling tool and a mail plugin.
  • You can add multi-teams to your CRM account if you wish to do so.
  • A rule-based system for assigning tasks.
  • After adding the product to the cart, you need to remain on the shop page.
  • A management system for product packaging.

Odoo 16

  • Enhanced accuracy and effectiveness by improving performance.

  • The sales team's product management and HR's workforce management have been optimised.

  • The knowledge module allows users and modules to exchange knowledge and create documents.

  • Several enhancements are included in the accounting module, including intrastat reporting, VAT ID validation for online retailers, and e-invoicing.

  • In the email marketing module of the software, you can create templates (from existing ones) that you can use.

  • A wide range of benefits are available for POS, sales, and eCommerce with coupons and promotions.

  • System that allows the integration of sales, point of sale, and e-commerce into one wallet.

  • The ability to control the frontend and the backend simultaneously through a single interface.

  • Filtering postcards in order to increase inventory management capabilities.

  • In the MRP module, a new report on manufacturing allocation has been introduced.

3. How can Odoo ERP 16 benefit new and existing users? 

Odoo ERP 16 is an ambitious version of Odoo that has a host of new features and enhancements. New users may wonder how Odoo 16 could be beneficial, while existing users may want to know what's new.

Odoo ERP development

  • It is possible to use Odoo Point of Sale online as well as offline. Even when the connection is down, it provides you with continuous support. Setting up a new store with Odoo 16 POS is easy and quick.
  • By integrating with Odoo 16, Odoo guarantees full-service support for every client. In addition to Odoo POS, Odoo Inventory, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, and Sales are all fully integrated with Odoo.

  • Implementing Odoo 16 POS with inventory management is mandatory because real-time availability checks are possible. Making sure your customers receive the goods they want requires good stock management and availability checks.

There are so many other benefits for Odoo ERP 16 that are beneficial to both new and existing users. These are a few of the key benefits mentioned above. You should definitely consider Odoo 16 as a game changer software solution for your business, as Odoo says.

4. What business growth opportunities are made possible for users by Odoo ERP 16? 

With the release of the latest version of Odoo (version 16), the company has delivered several new features and functionalities to the customer base. The improved system is expected to provide better experience to users and an opportunity for the company to promote new business growth opportunities.

Odoo ERP development

There is no doubt that the newer version of Odoo 16, is more cost-efficient than your existing Odoo version. Besides that, the new version has a number of additional features over the previous version as mentioned above in major features of Odoo 16. The newer version of the program has more features that make it easier for organisations to operate and manage their companies.

Odoo ERP development

To summarise, Odoo has provided an easy to use platform to manage your daily business operations. Odoo’s latest version, Odoo 16, is a major new release of Odoo that offers many new features for businesses, both large and small. Odoo was created to make business software easy to use and adaptable to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and with their newest version, they have continued to push the envelope on the power and flexibility of software.


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