October 07,2022

Static vs Dynamic Websites

There is no better advertisement for you business, than a well built website. But depending on your needs you will be forced to choose between a dynamic website and a static one.

In layman’s terms a static website needs a developer to change his code to change the content on the website, while a dynamic website is interactive and changes its content with respect to the user, geographical area and time without the developer intervening. Both have their fair share of pros and cons.


They are usually developed using HTML and CSS. Online brochure is the simplest term to describe these websites as each page in the website is represented by a sequence of coded files. They are ideally suitable for small businesses.




  • They are cheap when it comes to developing.
  • Static websites loads pages much faster when compared to their dynamic counterparts.
  • Static websites loads pages much faster when compared to their dynamic counterparts.
  • Static websites offer very limited functionality when compared to dynamic ones.
  • Content updation is difficult as only the developer is able to do so.



They are built using programming languages like Python, PHP and Java etc . These database-backed websites change dynamically with respect to time, user and geographical area.




  • Unique content is generated for each user.
  • Content updation is hassle-free as it can even be done by a novice.
  • They are interactive.
  • They are feature rich.
  • They are costly when it comes to both developing and hosting.
  • Due to its large number of features, dynamic websites are slower to load and process when compared to static websites.


As neither of these are perfect, the kind of website one must go for depends on specific needs and functions, their business requires. Zinfog, being one of the best web-development companies, can provide you the optimum solution. We dabble in website and web application design and development. Through our meticulous and build from ground approach we ensure maximum customer satisfaction.






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