October 07,2022

A Successful ‘Brew’ing Journey

After BYJU’S another malayalee start-up has secured major foreign investment from silicon valley. Brew, a startup founded by two siblings Jijo and Joseph Sunny has attracted $150,000 from Y Combinator alone, and a total of over a million dollars. Other investors include Aron Levie (Co-Founder, CEO, Chairman of Box), Ankur Nagpal (Founder, CEO at Teachable) and Jeff Fagnan (Founder and Partner at Accomplice).

Y Combinator is a startup accelerator. They invest in and promote new promising startups. The lack of such a driving force in the rich, diverse, and innovative Indian startup environment is disappointing. Brew is just the second startup from Kerala to receive their backing

Brew’s founders, Jijo Sunny, Aleesha John and Joseph Sunny, describe it as the easiest way to create podcasts. Unlike major podcast networks, the talents in Brew are upstarts, rather than stars. Brew is creator-centric upload; it lets the creators upload their podcasts for everyone or for their exclusive followers. They are also planning on adding a tipping feature, where the listeners can directly pay the creator.

Another one of their products is Buy me a coffee, a platform that helps content creators get direct monetary support from their audiences They now have offices in government Cyber Park, Calicut ,San Francisco and London.

Even more than the monetary investment, Y Combinator has provided them with a platform to interact with industry leaders. This exposure is what the young entrepreneurs from India lack.






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