September 30,2022

5 Dead Web trends of yesteryear


Web designing is one of the fastest growing industry where we see new trends and products continuously . It is critical to catch the latest web design trends in such a competitive industry. While some trends of the previous year remains the same, there are some conventions of the yesteryear that are no longer used. We must know about these dead web trends so that we do not repeat it any more. It also gives us an awareness about how the new web trends were born and why they are the best .

The blink tag

As the name suggests this tag was used to perform a blink. It enables a content to become visible and invisible. This browser specific tag was introduced in Netscape Navigator and was really popular in the 90s. However it caused difficulty while reading and was ignored by modern web browsers. This tag is no longer supported.

Flash Menus

In the beginning Flash Menus were commonly used in websites. It was the only possible means to make a website attractive. It could do things that HTML,CSS and Javascript couldn’t do at that time. Over the years many new trends were developed which was more accessible and functionally well than Flash.
To create the best experience, a website must be accessible on all devices. But as most of the devices do not support Flash, we don’t use it anymore in websites. Adobe has officially announced that it will stop working on Flash by 2020.


Before the introduction of “iframes”, Frames were used for basic layouts. A frame is a part of the browser window which displays content independent of what is included in the webpage and has the ability to load its content independently. Even though the browser could load the frame alone there were many issues which affected the fundamental browser features.

  • The back and forward buttons and the browser history failed to work while loading the frame.
  • While reloading a website it was directed to the homepage.
  • It was difficult to copy paste links to specific pages in a website

As a result the whole frameset feature was removed from the HTML5 standard and iframes replaced it.


Marquee Tag

Similar to the blink tag, marquee was another HTML tag which would hurt your eyes. It was used to scroll the content ( text or image) either horizontally or vertically throughout the website page. It was implemented in Internet Explorer. As it was too distracting for the users it was abandoned.

The Site Map

Sitemap is a useful tool to find what you need in a website.The whole content will be displayed in the sitemap. One could scroll and find the required content. But nowadays websites provide search functions which gives an easy access to the required content. You need not scroll to find the content and can get the content displayed in a single click.   






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