October 03,2022

5 biggest challenges the mobile app developers face !


Creating a mobile application is way different from creating a desktop application. And therefore the challenges you may face in each one of them is different. People might think that developing a mobile app is easy due to the size of the screen and it's compactness. But ironically, the challenges of creating a mobile app are way more difficult than with creating a desktop application.

Mobile app development looks simple which is not true. Discussed below are 5 major challenges that you might face while developing a mobile app -

1. Adjusting everything into a small screen size

Mobile phones have a very small screen size as compared to the desktop screen. The size is just about 3- 5 inches. Accomodation of all the necessary details into the small screen of the mobile phones is one major challenge.

2. Use of fingers rather than mouse

Since in mobile apps, the fingers are used rather than a mouse or any other device. Hence the interaction points must be large enough and the User Interface should be designed keeping all this mind.

3. Keeping in mind the memory and storage

Mobile apps require considerable amount of memory and storage. Since apps consume a lot of storage space, thereby making it difficult for the users to use it. The lesser space the app will consume in your phone, the more would be it's usage.

4. Creating multiple screens

As we know that the mobile screens are very small and compact to be able to carry all the necessary information. Hence, while developing a mobile app there should be multiple screens which will ultimately enhance the user experience.

5. Adjusting everything into a small screen size

Mobile apps are used to make our work easier. Hence if your app will not be user friendly, it might lose its change in the market very soon.

Hence providing a superior user experience is one important aspect of creating a mobile app.In addition to this, what actually needs to be put under consideration is that "what you should not do" while making a mobile app rather than focusing on "what you should do". There are many challenges which mobile app developers face while taking their apps to the market. If you fail to promote and market the created mobile application , it means your application is a failure.






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