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Manage leads, arrange lease agreements and related paperwork, plan for rent collection, and maintain cash flow charts all in one location.

Hassle-free rent collection

Do you find rent collection to be a hassle? By integrating with payment methods, we assist you in setting up rent charts and collecting rent. Additionally, the dashboard offers trustworthy information and notifications for rent arrears and yearly rent renewals.

A ‘Hub’ to keep all the documents

Documenting everything is essential, but chaotic! We will assist you with storing all the papers and records required by law. We make it simple to keep track of lease agreements, other documentation, and leased property records in one location.

Cash flow dashboard

For a prediction to be successful, an accurate cash flow is necessary. We offer upgraded cash flow dashboards that make it simple to record the cash statements and do effective analysis over cash input and outflow.

Less time for BIG work!

We are here to assist you with scheduling your work, setting up reminders for yearly property maintenance, making calls in advance, and sending mail in advance so that you can focus on improving your long-term goals rather than trying to save time.

Easy to Manage leads

Managing leads is a constant pain! We have your back.The programme aids in automating lead tracking and data maintenance, making it simpler to manage and reroute leads from other platforms.

Efficient Work Flow Management

Easier for users to define leasing and sales, Inspection to manage all processes of leasing/sales and efficient record of payments and maintenance

Get 100% Accurate Insights

You only need accuracy, and we provide that. You will be receiving 100% accurate insights to make more trustworthy decisions along with real time reports and flow charts.

Increase the Sales Productivity

You can use the capabilities at your disposal to build customer dashboards where you can chart and rank the leads. This will also aid in your comprehension of the lead and engagement scores.

Some of the Top Features
we are providing!

Report of the Performance

Count the number of site visitors, completed reservations, sold properties, revenue, and other performance indicators. All in one location to make job easier

Automated data collection

Reducing the work of data entry by automated data collection of emails, site visits, VoIP calls etc

Email marketing

Easily create Email campaigns to the targeted audience with pre-built templates for further connection building

Smart Integration

Integrate with all the popular real estate marketing, sales, & call center apps with connectors & APIS

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