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Customer Relationship Management with Odoo Implementation services.

Get 100% Accurate Insights

Making trustworthy selections is made simpler for you with the precise insights gathered. Real-time reports and flowcharts can be created and shared with anyone at the same time.

Less time for BIG work!

You have the opportunity to schedule impending tasks, calls, and mails, which will increase your reliability and allow you to save time. Additionally, this will make the process hassle-free.

Real-time forecasts

Being able to obtain real-time projections would be awesome in addition to having insights. Yes, it is simple to evaluate ongoing performance and activities, which effectively improves the work quality compared to previous months.

Build connections with your customers

We only require convenience at the end of the day. With the aid of CRM Suite, you can communicate with customers in real-time and exchange ideas, providing you an advantage while working with clients remotely.

Fully Integrated with other Softwares

Except for when it's money, no one likes to carry about a lot of stuff. To make your work as simple as swiping videos, we will assist you in integrating all other softwares, including HRM and Accounting.

CRM Software for
small business, Available!

Modern User Interface for a Better overview of Sales Activities

Automated data collection emails and VoIP calls reducing data entry

Easily create Email campaigns to the targeted audience

Tracking the leads using UTM Trackers in all your campaigns

Activate Live chat to talk to the users visiting your site in real time

Easily set the customer preferences; get the history of data

CRM Dashboard; Visualize your sales team KPIs

Cohort analysis; Keep track of the KPIs over time and detect trends

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Customer Satisfaction surveys

Customer complaints management

Odoo ERP Development

Providing Sales Quotas

Added feature of website call to action

Integrated Odoo ERP Services

In pipeline management

Customer portal and Subscription management

Leads Tracking

Invoice analysis and recurring business

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